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Country Secrets

ByEric M

Apr 27, 2022

Bearman Stories

Book Cover: Country Secrets
Part of the Bearman Stories series:

A few small towns in Northwest Ohio became awakened when a drug war erupted between Scott Bearman and the Himlee Brothers.  Blood and tears were spilled before it ends.

The brothers wanted what they think should be theirs, their problem is that Bearman had it all.  He fights and goes to lengths he never imagined he would. There was no question he would do what it take to protect his business or those around him.

The only question to be answered is will you follow along to see what needs to be done to survive.


Publisher: Gremlin Publishing

If you already read Country Secrets, how about helping others.  People read reviews to know what to book to read.  Your opinion matters to both others and me.  I care to know so I can improve what I am putting out.  Just use the link and use all the pretty words you want to. I only ask that you are honest.

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By Eric M

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