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Post Submittal

These post are meant to be used by other members to help with their Newsletters and get their name out there more. Some post will be on the home page of this site. Members are asked to post at least once a month.

Every submittal will be reviewed and approved before it is visible to others. There are some things that will cause any post you submit to be decline/rejected/what ever you want to call it. These post are meant to Newsletter helpers.

  1. Don’t curse – There are a lot of ways to say something. If you can write a book, its assumed that you can write a clean paragraph or two.
  2. Don’t write another book – It is good to give a lot of information, but try to do it in a few paragraphs. If you want to give more details, provide a link. I will check the link to make sure goes to an author website.
  3. Only use links to an author website or book sales Any links to porn, scam, or questionable sites will be declined.


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